Making a reservation through this website, via email, or by phone constitutes agreement with all policies contained herein.

Rules and Regulations

Thank you for renting from My Galveston Getaway, Inc. We strive to forge relationships with our customers, and to have you as our repeat guest! Your safety and the safety of all of our guests, neighbors, property owners and other Galvestonians is our primary concern. By renting from us you are indicating that you have read, understand, and agree to the following terms and conditions. Should you have any questions, please contact us at your convenience – before, during or after your stay with us. These rules and regulations are not modified by any phone conversation or email – we will do our best to clarify, but the following cannot be modified except in writing by My Galveston Getaway, Inc.

PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE EXPLANATION as there is important information about the property you are considering. My Galveston Getaway manages multiple properties – condos, townhouses, duplexes and private homes. By renting a property that we manage you are agreeing to these terms and conditions for yourself and everyone who will be staying at the property you are renting. Each property has its own courtesy patrol situation. It could be an on-site employee, courtesy officer, or off-duty police officer or other hired first responder. These individuals will notify us if any of these rules and regulations are not being followed.

·         We rent to responsible adults 25 years of age and older. That person must be present throughout the rental – please do not reserve a place for younger folks and think they’ll act like responsible adults – they are younger folks, not responsible adults.

·         ALL PEOPLE ARE CONSIDERED PEOPLE. Occupancy limits are established in each listing. Some are set by the Association in which a property is located, others by the owners for whom we manage. By having more guests than the property allows, regardless of the age of the person, you understand that you may be asked to leave and no refund will be authorized by My Galveston Getaway for days stayed or unused days of your reservation. Please read the occupancy limit for each property and ensure that you do not have more guests than allowed in each property.

·         If you book with us through any platform other than our own website, you will receive a message from us asking for your email address.  All of our confirmation information is sent by email and we want to ensure that you, as our guest, and ONLY YOU, have the information so we want to send it to you directly.

·         We send confirmations 48-72 hours prior to your scheduled arrival and it contains driving directions and check-in instructions.  We welcome any and all questions at any time – but we won’t give out this information further in advance.

·         We have a zero tolerance policy for the use of any drug or substance that is illegal, and for underage drinking at any property that we manage.

·         Smoking is permitted outside only, and with all doors closed to the property.  Some of our properties are 100% non-smoking.    If you are staying at a property that allows smoking, it is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that all smoking materials are fully and properly extinguished, wrapped in a tied trash bag and disposed of according the to guidelines provided at check in with regard to trash disposal.

·         Grilling of any type is not permitted on a deck, balcony or patio of a property managed by My Galveston Getaway.  This is a fire hazard and against fire code of the City of Galveston.  When grilling at ground level of a property, it is the renter’s responsibility to ensure that the fire is 100% extinguished, and prior to departing that the grill has been properly cleaned with all ashes bagged, tied and disposed of.  Grill cleaning is not included in the cleaning fee charged.

·         Some of our properties invite a canine family member to join the humans.  Others do not.  If you are bringing a dog it is your responsibility to ensure that you have selected a dog-friendly unit, and you will need to pay the $75.00 nonrefundable dog fee either by PayPal or by credit card to the management company.  If you rent a non-dog friendly property or do not pay the required fee, and bring a dog, we will refer you to a kennel on the island.  Dogs are accepted on a case-by-case basis, should be kenneled inside the property when not accompanied by their humans, and not allowed atop the furniture at the property.   We are dog friendly ONLY.  Pets of any other type are not permitted in the property.  All dogs must be leashed when not inside of the property.  Be sure to have your dog’s tags on it’s collar at all times, and we encourage you to carry shot records for your dog with you when traveling.  The renter and/or pet owner is 100% responsible for any damage to property, human, or other animal caused by their own dog.  We do not permit any animal or breed identified as dangerous or vicious including Pit Bull’s, Rottweilers, or any “mutt” that contains the bloodline of either of these breeds.

·         Loud music and noise is prohibited.  We follow the City of Galveston “quiet hours” which are 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

·         Kindly provide us with a list of each vehicle which will be present during your occupancy to include year, make, model, color and license plate of the vehicle.  We will provide these to the courtesy/off-duty police officers who will patrol the area.  This is for your safety to ensure that there are no other vehicles at the property that are not supposed to be there.

·         All drivers must obey all rules and regulations with regard to speed limits, parking, etc.  When renting a standalone property from us, you agree to park only in the driveway of that property. Parking on the roadways is strongly discouraged to ensure that emergency vehicles have access to all properties at all times should the need arise.

·         Parking in any other driveway is strictly prohibited and may subject the vehicle to towing.  The property owner nor My Galveston Getaway has any responsibility for the vehicle or its contents, nor for any expenses associated with a vehicle that is towed.

·         Parking in the grass is strictly prohibited.  Some properties have utility lines near the surface and if a vehicle is parked in the grass and damages any utilities, the renter will be held financially responsible regardless of the owner of the vehicle who has parked on the property.

·         Only passenger vehicles (cars, pick up trucks, SUV’s) may be parked at the property.  Motor homes, campers, trailers may not be parked at nor hooked up to any property managed by My Galveston Getaway.

·         Tents or other sleeping accommodations may not be set up at any property managed by My Galveston Getaway.

·         The law in Galveston and surrounding communities requires that anyone operating a motor vehicle, including a golf cart, must hold a valid driver’s license and local law enforcement have been known to issue tickets.

·         Should we have any reason to believe that any rule is being violate, we have the right to inspect the property, and will make a reasonable effort to contact the party who reserved the property prior to our arrival and/or entry.

·         If any guest at the property is not upholding any of these rules, the entire group may be required to leave with no refund provided.  It is the person who books the property’s responsibility to explain these rules to all who will be staying at the property.

Check-in/Check-out Policies
Guests may begin checking-in at between 4:00 PM. Check-out is promptly at 11:00 AM.

Before checking out, renters are required to wash and put away dishes or load dished into the dishwasher and run the dishwasher, broom sweep all floors, remove all trash and food from the unit and dispose of it in the appropriate outdoor trash receptacle, dumpster, or trash chute at the property you have rented. Failure to do so may result in additional charges.

My Galveston Getaway will provide, in writing upon request, a quote that includes rental of the property, bed linens, bath towels, City of Galveston Occupancy Tax (9% on rentals 29 days or shorter), State of Texas Occupancy Tax (6% on rentals 29 days or shorter), cleaning upon checkout, and a damage waiver that protects the tenant against incidental or accidental damages up to $1,500.00. All quotes are in USD.

Additional Fees
Some of the properties we manage require additional fees for things like parking passes, resort fees, amenity wristbands, etc. When permitted by the property to collect and pay those fees in advance, we included them in the pricing and quotes. However, some properties require that those fees be paid at the complex upon arrival. Please refer to the “Additional Information” section of each listing for applicable fees.

Cancellations and Refund Policy
All cancellations must be in writing and mailed to My Galveston Getaway, Inc., 6341 Stewart Road # 104, Galveston, TX 77551. If cancellation is received more than 30 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, you will receive a refund less a $75.00 cancellation fee. Any prepaid cleaning fees, taxes, nonrefundable pet fees, parking fees, resort fees, or amenities fees collected will be refunded. If cancellation is received 30 days or less from the scheduled arrival date, you will receive a refund only if the property is re-rented for the same time frame at the same rate less a $75.00 cancellation fee. If circumstances require, My Galveston Getaway reserves the right to substitute comparable or better accommodations.

By law, My Galveston Getaway is required to collect, report, and pay occupancy taxes totaling 15% to The State of Texas and The City of Galveston. All taxes are in USD.

Pet Policy
If you have selected one of our dog-friendly properties and your dog will be accompanying you in your rental, there is a nonrefundable pet fee of $75.00 per dog for short-term rentals and $250.00 per dog for long-term rentals. Dogs are the only pets that are allowed in our properties. We are unable to accept any animal or breed identified as dangerous or vicious. If your dog falls into this category, please make other arrangements for your dog before arriving.

Minimum Stays
All of our properties have a 2-night minimum stay requirement at all times, with the exception of holidays and special events which have a 3-night minimum stay requirement. Holidays and special events include both Mardi Gras weekends, Spring Break, Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, Labor Day weekend, and Lone Star Rally.

Homeowners’ Associations
Many of our properties are located in communities that are governed by Homeowners’ Associations. Renters and their guests are required to abide by the rules and regulations of such Associations during their stay. Failure to do so may result in eviction by the Homeowners’ Association of the property or neighborhood, local authorities, or My Galveston Getaway. No refund will be issued to the renter as a result of such an eviction.

Property Amenities
From time to time, property, subdivision, or complex amenities may not be available as advertised due to maintenance, cleaning, construction, etc. Such instances will not result in any refund of fees paid. My Galveston Getaway has no control over these amenities or their availability.

Starter Kit Policy
We provide starter supplies of paper products, toiletries, and coffee. These are intended as starters and are not guaranteed to last the duration of your stay. Please include any supplies in excess of what is provided in your own shopping list. The backpack is yours to keep.

My Galveston Getaway welcomes children of all ages into all of our properties, unless otherwise noted. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times while on the property. Parents are responsible for any damage caused by their children.

Access to Property
My Galveston Getaway shall have the right of access to the rental property for repair and maintenance during reasonable hours. In the event of an emergency, My Galveston Getaway may enter at any time to protect life and prevent damage to property.

Renter may not sublet property, any portion of the property, nor assign their rental agreement without prior written consent of My Galveston Getaway.

Smoking Policy
All of our properties are non-smoking while indoors. Additionally, some properties request that guests not smoke on balconies or patios. Please be sure to read signage on the property before smoking. The cost of cleaning a unit that has been smoked in is not covered by the damage waiver, and the additional cleaning expenses and lost rentals resulting from extended cleaning time will be the financial responsibility of the renter.

Storm Policy
My Galveston Getaway does not offer refunds for weather warnings, tropical storms, or voluntary evacuations. Refunds will be issued if a mandatory evacuation order is issued by Galveston County officials for the time period affected by the dates of evacuation.

Fire Policy
If a property becomes uninhabitable by reason of fire, explosion, or other casualty, My Galveston Getaway may, at its sole option, terminate the rental agreement or repair damages.

Failure to Pay Policy
Until the agreement, whether by phone, email, or postal mail, and payment are received, dates are not confirmed. If the balance is not received as stated in the rental agreement, or if a credit card has been provided and cannot be processed for any reason, My Galveston Getaway reserves the right to cancel the reservation and attempt to re-rent the property. Reminder notices are not sent, it is the renter’s responsibility to make payments as agreed and to ensure that credit cards provided can be processed for the payments due.

Delinquent Payments
My Galveston Getaway reserves the right to cancel reservations made by anyone who has been delinquent in payment to us in the past and apply any funds received to a prior delinquent balance owed to My Galveston Getaway.

Site Unseen Rental Policy
Pictures of the units are available at www.mygalvestongetaway.com. My Galveston Getaway is not responsible for providing refunds or alternate accommodations if the unit rented does not meet the renter’s expectations. From time to time, an owner may change decor of a unit that does not affects its function. There will be no refunds or prorated rental amounts due to appliances or mechanical failures. Report all problems immediately, and My Galveston Getaway will arrange for a service provider to perform needed repairs. Major malfunctions will be handled on a case-by- case basis.

Lawful Use of Property
The rental property shall be used so as to comply with state, county and municipal laws and ordinances. The renter shall not use rental property or permit it to be used for any disorderly or unlawful purpose or in any manner that interferes with other residents’ quiet enjoyment of their residence. Any misuse described above shall result in termination of the Rental Agreement and no refund of any payments will be issued.

No underage drinking or use of any illegal substance or drug may take place on any property managed by My Galveston Getaway. Violating this policy will result in immediate removal from the property with no refund to be issued.

Legal Action
If at any time legal action is required, the tenant will be responsible for reimbursing My Galveston Getaway for all legal fees and court costs to resolve the matter.

Injury Policy
My Galveston Getaway, the property owner, and any association in which a property is located are not liable for any injury to renter or any member of renter’s family, group, guest, or invitee during the renter’s tenancy.

Damages to Property
All damages, regardless of malice or negligence, to the property or its contents during the renter’s tenancy are the financial responsibility of the renter. Should damages exceed the amount of the damage deposit waiver purchased, or should the damages be determined to be the result of intentional or willful conduct by any occupant during the rental period, the renter remains financially responsible and My Galveston Getaway reserves the right to pursue collection. It is the responsibility of the renter to notify My Galveston Getaway of any damages to the property or its contents prior to departure.

Indemnity Clause
The renter releases My Galveston Getaway, the property owner, and any association in which a property is located that they rent from liability for and agrees to indemnify My Galveston Getaway, the property owner, and any association in which a property is located against losses incurred by My Galveston Getaway, the property owner, or the Association in which a property is located as a result of (a) renter’s failure to fulfill any condition of this agreement; (b) any damage or injury happening in or about rental or premises to renter, renter’s invitees or licensees or such person’s property; (c) renter’s failure to comply with any requirements imposed by any governmental authority; and (d) any judgment, lien or other encumbrance filed against renter as a result of renter’s actions or inactions or those of any of renter’s invitees or licensees during the term of this rental agreement.

Lost or Damaged Property
My Galveston Getaway and the property owner are not responsible for any guests’ lost or damaged property.